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Episode 0 / Dec 10, 2013 / Length (0:45)

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"Make sure comments are helpful"

- Comments can still result in useful traffic but only if you are adding value and not just sending SPAMmy links.
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014
"Video Syndication"

- Get your content on sites that will push it out to their user base for free.

- Udemy is a great example that many SAAS businesses use.
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014
"Social prospecting"

- Search social networks for conversations around your topic / keyword and then interject with helpful content.

- Important that you're truly being helpful and not just ...read more
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014
"Put a badge on others' sites"
- Google's "Certified Partner" is a good example. The badge adds an image of quality to the partner and thus adds value.
- Will result in an inbound link for you.
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014
"Help a Reporter Out"

- A service that sends twice daily emails to collect quotes for reporters around the topics that they want to write about.

- Many top publications use this service
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014
"Target competitor mentions"

- Each time you see your competitor mentioned by a strong website, target the same link.

- FIrst make sure you establish a relationship
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014
"Partner distributions"

- Decide if there are partners who can distribute your product in return for benefits that cost you relatively little

- Moz's incubator program gives startups a 90-day free ...read more
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014
"Email some of your first customers manually"
- Adds a personal touch that will help retain the customer
- Creates a 2-way channel to give you feedback about your product
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014
"Use your FAQ to target the long tail"

- Based on your key word research use FAQ topics to target the keywords you want to rank for. Make sure each FAQ page has clear CTA's.

- Use tools such as ...read more
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014

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Andrew Dumont
In this episode Andrew teaches us 21 different customer acquisition tactics, many of which he has personally used to grow Moz and his other businesses. There's not a lot of small talk in this episode, just pure tactics!