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You are watching an episode with Dick Talens

Episode 0 / Sep 06, 2013 / Length (0:38)

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Dick is the Chief Growth Officer at Fitcracy. Fitocracy is a social network for fitness. Community is # one, but gamification and tracking is important too. Goal is to level up fitness.

Got a MVP up ...read more
@jack44farrell on Feb 19, 2014
"Find new channels"
- Dave McClure always told him that startups are likely to die anyway, so might as well try some crazy things
- This has been the mindset of Fitocracy and most of their major ...read more
@kenontek on Feb 6, 2014
"Be careful with gamification"
- Dick warns that gamification tends to be overused and often with the wrong goals
@kenontek on Feb 6, 2014
"Focus on 1 Metric"
- Dick recommends focusing on one retention metric that reflects the health of your user base
- Then work on optimizing the heck out of it
@kenontek on Feb 6, 2014
"Dick's formula on what makes a strong growth hacker"
- Empathetic - understand what the user wants
- Creative- hypothesize solutions
- Understands the numbers - but don't need to be a PhD in math
@kenontek on Feb 6, 2014
"Sex still sells"
- Dick was interested in what the most active users in the community were talking about
- It turns out that it was guys that were trying to flirt with hot women. Any surprise?
@kenontek on Feb 6, 2014
"Onboarding process"
- The team noticed that new users were more likely to stick around if they got "props" for early actions
- So Dick decided to try auto-propping new users from popular members of ...read more
@kenontek on Feb 6, 2014
"Team-Market" Fit
- The team loves fitness and are very sociable. They truly enjoy hanging out with other fitness people and through this grapevine they got in touch with Arnold Schwarzenegger
- ...read more
@kenontek on Feb 6, 2014
"Keyword hacking on iTunes"
- Each time the guys uploaded a new version of their app to iTunes they tried new variations of the description, title, etc.
- They then checked how the app ranked for ...read more
@kenontek on Feb 6, 2014
"Multi-use Invite Codes"
- Added a new twist to invite codes by making each one usable 10x
- So users that got one felt very lucky and gave them to friends
- They also spread them all over the web on ...read more
@kenontek on Feb 6, 2014

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Key takeaways from GHtv interview with Dick Talens
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Dick Talens
Learn how Fitocracy, a fitness social network, went from 0 to 1.5 million users. Dick teaches us why gamification can only account for so much, why the community is more important than anything else, and the importance of team-market fit.