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Episode 0 / Sep 06, 2013 / Length (0:54)

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#1. To me, I would define traction as people who pay money. It’s the highest form of traction. Otherwise it’s a project or a hobby. It’s about customer validation and you must talk about ...read more
@LeCoupa on Sep 3, 2015
Don't take advice from people that do not ask a lot of questions
- Good advice only comes when a person puts the effort into first understanding your business and problems
@kenontek on Jan 28, 2014
"Target big markets"
- Big markets have lots of niches and many ways of finding customers
- You can be completely undifferentiated and still exist in a big market. But not in a small one.
@kenontek on Jan 28, 2014
"Raise your Prices"
- If you are offering a new service and have 5 customers try raising your prices.
- If they stay with you then raise your prices some more.
- People often attribute high prices ...read more
@kenontek on Jan 28, 2014
If you want a steady small business target predictable sources of customers
- SEO is less predictable than advertising
- Advertising is less predictable than having an email list
- Very predictable = ...read more
@kenontek on Jan 28, 2014
"When data is scarce, only measure the big changes"
- When you're just starting out and have 5 clients, measure a change of 10-20% is just measuring "noise"
- You should only pay attention to major ...read more
@kenontek on Jan 28, 2014
"Viral does not equal Word-of-Mouth"
- Good products should always be able to grow via word-of-mouth. It means that it is a good product that fulfills a true need and thus people are willing to talk ...read more
@kenontek on Jan 28, 2014
"Growth is a Parabola"
- Growth is almost always a parabola and not exponential.
- Why? Because you grow quickly for awhile but then that channel starts to slow down. And so growth slows down until ...read more
@kenontek on Jan 28, 2014

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COC: A new metric for thinking about cancellations in SaaS business models
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Jason Cohen
Jason is a serial entrepreneur that has already sold one company, and in this episode he teaches us how to create a money machine through predictable acquisition of recurring revenue with annual pre-pay in a good market.