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Episode 0 / Oct 02, 2013 / Length (0:36)

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#1. There is 3 buckets you have to fill to build a successful venture: growth (high virality, network effects), engagement and monetization.

#2. Side effect of a habit: when not doing the behavior ...read more
@LeCoupa on Sep 7, 2015
"Habit forming = Once a week or more"

- Studies have shown that only products which are used once a week or more have any chance of becoming habit-forming. Otherwise people will forget about you.
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014
"Variable rewards often more interesting than predictable ones"

- People get more hooked when the reward is unpredictable

- Experiment with pigeons where they pecked at an even pace when they were ...read more
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014
"4 Steps to a Successful Product that Hooks Users"

1- Trigger: what gets you to come to the site

2- Action: what you do after you've come to the site.

3- Reward: what you receive.

4- Investment: ...read more
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014
"Vitamins vs. Pain Killers"

- VC's almost always prefer pain killers, but most of the billion dollar consumer tech companies started out as vitamins (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat).

- Why? ...read more
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014
"WInning doesn't necessarily meaning having the best product"

- In blind tests Pepsi usually beats Coke. But Coke still dominates in market share.

- In blind search query tests more people say ...read more
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014
"Engagement trumps virality"
- Many startups focus too much on growth hacking and obtain users just to see them disappear later.
- Focus on user behavior
@kenontek on Jan 29, 2014

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Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
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Nir Eyal
Understanding user behavior is essential to running a successful startup. In this episode Nir teaches us his four step method for building product hooks that engage people.