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Education Hack

Get a free subscription to GHTV
Can you hack your own growth hacker education? In this recipe we’ll give you the tools to convert your paid Growth Hacker TV account into a free account. It's like a scholarship to cover your growth hacking education.

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Growth Hacker TV now has a referral program which allows you to get 25% off your subscription for every active member you refer to us until your account is free. To make it easy, anyone you refer will also get 25% off their monthly subscription, so you have an incentive to give others.


1 active referral = 25% off your membership every month
2 active referrals = 50% off your membership every month
3 active referrals = 75% off your membership every month
4 active referrals = Free Account, have a gummy bear

Every friend gets 25% when they use your referral link or promo code.

Step One

To locate your unique referral link or promo code login to your GHTV account and click on the account icon (bottom-left icon). Inside your account panel you will see “referral program.” Click on that. There you can find your unique referral link and promo code. When someone signs up with your link or promo code it will discount your membership in the referral section.

Step Two

You can post your unique referral link directly to Twitter and/or Facebook from the referral section by clicking on the corresponding icons. Don’t worry, you have the option to edit the text before it is posted.

The default text is:
Trying to grow a startup? Get 25% off @GrowthHackerTV with this link → https://www.growthhacker.tv/signup?r=yourreferralcode

Step Three

Email the link to those you think would benefit. If you have a list of email subscribers, it will be super easy to get a free account. Plus, your subscribers will love you for getting them a discount. Composing emails can be a pain, so here’s a non-hypey email template you can use. Just drop in the correct info inside the brackets.

Hey {Name}

I’ve been studying growth lately using a site called Growth Hacker TV.

They have a huge library of hard-to-find interviews with the people who have done it before, giving examples and tips that are just not available anywhere else.

Check it out at http://growthhacker.tv

If you like it, I have a code that will discount your membership by 25%. It also gives me 25% off my membership, so it’s a win-win. 4 signups and my membership is free. Same goes for you.

{Referral Link}
{Referral Code}

{Your Normal Signoff}

Step Four

This step is a wildcard challenge to wow us with your hacking abilities. Get the most referrals and we’ll highlight you in our newsletter. Remember, you have the advantage. Hustlers don’t watch cable, they watch Growth Hacker TV. Now go get your growth hacking scholarship!